An expanding business park in northern Düsseldorf    

IDR is one of the largest project development companies involved in the Theodorstrasse development and has been a key contributor to the concept of this business park in northern Düsseldorf. The ISS DOME, which was completed in 2006, and the four-lane development of Theodorstrasse – both IDR projects – prompted many businesses to relocate there, and Theodorstrasse is today a very popular commercial zone. Since then, IDR has planned and implemented six further commercial property development projects on Theodorstrasse, all now occupied by tenants on long-term leases. At 293 to 297 Theodorstrasse, IDR AG developed the Gewerbeareal Nord business park with halls and offices over an area of around 60,000 m2 that is now occupied by leading wholesale and logistics companies. The completion of the prestigious 15,000 m2 headquarters for Technip Deutschland (now Mannesmann) in 2015 is the most recent milestone in the successful development of the northern Düsseldorf business park. In addition to its own development projects, IDR AG also markets the plots of land on Theodorstrasse as a service.