Frame Office

IDR AG is developing Frame Office in the Theodorstrasse business district of Düsseldorf-Rath. It is an unconventional office complex at an attractive location – very close to the airport and exhibition centre with excellent motorway access. The light-infused building has a U-shaped design and an intelligent structure with clever floor layouts, flexible office space, open-plan areas and green areas. It therefore satisfies all modern-day workspace requirements. All of these aspects contribute to the building’s sustainability and excellent amenity value. A distinctive facade featuring different coated metal elements in optical units – like different picture frames – creates the aesthetic effect that gave Frame Office its name. The development is being planned in collaboration with K6Architekten. The finished result will be a new and prestigious office building with around 5,000 m2 of gross floor space and rooms that can be tailored to future users’ individual requirements.

Property details

Building land:     Approx. 4,910 m² in size, on the Zum Gut Heiligendonk site        
Planning law details:    Designated as a commercial zone in the Land Use Plan, site occupancy index 0.8; floor space index 1.6; 5 floors; max. building height 20 m        
Road & public transport access: A44, A3 and A52 motorways; Düsseldorf-Rath and Unterrath S-Bahn rail stations, tram line under construction        
Potential uses: Office, service, exhibition etc.