IDR and its partner network are the first choice for property planning and development, construction, marketing and management in Düsseldorf and the surrounding region. The IDR Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of commercial property and real estate services, from property and project development to construction and project management, administration, controlling and marketing.    


IDR AG specialises in the client and user-driven development of commercial properties. Each project is assigned to an interdisciplinary team that collaborates with future users to develop creative and needs-based concepts for office buildings, logistics facilities, industrial estates, trade centres, car parks or museums in Düsseldorf and the surrounding region. Clients range from local trade businesses to global corporations and public sector enterprises. Click here for an overview of current projects.


Large-scale enterprises can only be encouraged to settle in the Düsseldorf region if the city offers them an attractive infrastructure and interesting property developments – from small site projects to major quarter developments. IDR delivers innovative and sustainable concepts for the successful, dynamic development of whole areas to increase Düsseldorf’s appeal as a business location. Click here for an overview of our current quarter and site development projects.    


IDR also manages and coordinates large-scale projects for its clients, who benefit from IDR’s many years of experience and extensive project management expertise. As the central project coordinator, IDR handles vendor and contractor audits, interface management, due diligence audits, cost control, schedule control, quality planning and quality control. Click here for an overview of reference projects.    

Development projects and quarter developments

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Reference projects 

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