Industrieterrains Düsseldorf-Reisholz AG

Henkelstrasse 164
40589 Düsseldorf
Phone: +49 (0)211 / 748 36-0
Fax: +49 (0)211 / 74 79 59

Sat-nav destination when travelling from the west: Niederheider Strasse/ Henkelstrasse intersection

and if you’re travelling from the east: Henkelstrasse/ corner of Nürnberger Strasse

Henkelstrasse extends eastwards from Reisholz train station to Bonner Strasse. IDR’s headquarters at Henkelstrasse 164 is located on the T-junction between Nürnberger Strasse and Niederheider Strasse.

The entrance is easy to see between two railway crossings.

Important information: Between Niederheider Strasse and Bonner Strasse, the Henkelstrasse continues across a private company site that is not accessible to public traffic. So if you’re travelling from the west you have to access via Niederheider Strasse and use Niederheider Strasse as the destination in your sat-nav.