Industrieterrains Düsseldorf-Reisholz AG – or IDR AG for short – is one of the largest commercial property development and management companies in Düsseldorf. Since its foundation in 1898, it has planned, developed and implemented numerous projects that are now part of the Düsseldorf cityscape such as the Rheinturm, the new Düsseldorf Messe exhibition centre and the ISS DOME, as well as urban development projects such as the ESPRIT arena and the Kö-Bogen. IDR AG has been and continues to be a significant contributor in the development of the Theodorstrasse business park in the Düsseldorf district of Rath, and is a key player in the revitalisation of the Henkel-Ostgelände industrial site. IDR has also put its signature on many other commercial properties in the districts of Flingern, Reisholz and Hassels, and in the Media and Industrial Port. All these projects are examples of IDR AG’s competence and expertise for and in Düsseldorf.

Although the City of Düsseldorf has been IDR AG’s sole shareholder since 1951, the company is still managed according to private enterprise principles. Thanks to its unique combination of expertise, experience and innovation, IDR AG is a company with traditional roots that sets standards in the planning and implementation of successful commercial and urban property concepts. It has always been a driver of dynamic development and sustainable structural change in Düsseldorf and the surrounding region.